Whether you have never set foot in a therapist’s office or have past experience there, I hope this site will prove useful to you. In many respects, those of us living today inhabit a uniquely hopeful age for psychotherapy, with a diverse base of knowledge that allows clinicians to help with an ever-wider range of issues. Within my own psychoanalytic community, orthodoxy has given way to a creative eclecticism, as contributions from infant research to trauma studies to neuroscience inform a more responsive and affirming experience. At the core, however, therapy remains about stories: those that we tell ourselves and repeat in maladaptive patterns; those that envelop us, like a second skin, starting in childhood. Opening up those stories, allowing a therapist to hear and understand them — their beliefs, struggles and desert places — is a courageous act, but also one that entails a fair degree of vulnerability. For this reason, the personal dynamic between us will remain crucial. As you look over this website and take the first steps toward finding help, please make sure to pay attention to your emotional response to what you are reading. I make every effort in the pages that follow to give a sense of the kind of therapist I am, along with where I come from and the kinds of things I think about as I get to know new patients. Invariably, this description is incomplete. If you have questions, I encourage you to reach out.